We are so excited to introduce our second partner ministry, Both Hands! During my research seeking out partner ministries, Both Hands was another special organization that kept showing up and I was so impressed by the direct efforts they take to serve widows and orphans in such a beautiful community-focused way.

We believe the Lord led us to this awesome ministry to help fulfill His purposes in a James 1:27.  Both Hands’ motto is “One for the widow, one for the orphan”.  Their purpose is straightforward and precise in its goals: “To help Christian adoptive families fund their adoptions by coordinating a service project fixing up a widow’s home.” Here’s how it works:

Gather a Team

The saying goes “It takes a village to raise a child.” Both Hands believes it takes a village to bring one home, too! A Both Hands project starts with gathering around 10 family members and friends to serve as the foundation and support group of the project.

Find a Widow

Widows are often overlooked in our communities and need help, but aren’t sure how to find it. Both Hands guides a family through finding a widow in their community to serve for their project.

Serve for a Day

On the project day, the family serves a widow alongside their team of volunteers. Both Hands encourages tasks to be labor-focused, such as painting, cleaning, landscaping and de-cluttering. They also coach families on how to get local merchants to donate any needed supplies.

Raise Funds for an Adoption

The family and their team raise sponsorship for their project day through sending letters and sharing their fundraising webpage, raising an average of $14,006 (2019). Both Hands fundraises support for its operating costs through private donors, so NO funds raised by a family and their team are deducted for Both Hands’ operating costs.

Learn more at BothHands.org

You can get involved in this ministry in multiple ways: By sponsoring an adoptive family, helping on a local service project team, and following and sharing their social media posts. Follow them on Facebook at facebook.com/BothHandsFoundation, or on Instagram at @GiveBothHands

Carol Wynn

Carol Wynn

Carol is the founder of Eagles' Wings 2020. God has blessed her with the spiritual gift of encouragement. As an outgrowth of that the Lord led Carol to create this ministry and share her story of God’s faithfulness and providence. She invites others to do the same and continue to spread the joy and love that God provides.

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