In researching which adoption ministries to partner with, I did a lot of praying and a ton of research.  I used three criteria. 

  1.  Christian based.
  2.  Directly impact on individual families and orphans. 
  3.  100% of donations used / no overhead costs.

The one that kept coming up was Lifesong For Orphans which checked every box.

Christian Based

Since Eagles’ Wings 2020 is a God-centered ministry, it is vital that adoption partners are biblically based.

Directly Impacts Individual Families, Orphans, and Foster Care
  • Lifesong for Orphans provides educational support, resources, and fundraising strategies for those wishing to adopt.
  • The biggest obstacle to parents wishing to adopt is overcoming financial obstacles.
  • Lifesong provides a proven road map of how to initiate and reach goals for an adoptive family’s fundraising needs.
  • Donors are able to choose a family to support through prayer or can donate directly to their crowd funding adoption account. 
  • This personal partnership can create a kindred and supportive relationship between those families for years to come.
  • Lifesong rises to God’s calling to care for orphans and encourage others.
  • Lifesong also aids people in directly supporting orphans. There are two ways to get involved: Praying for specific orphans/orphanages and contributing toward financial needs.
  • Lifesong partners with orphanages in 13 different countries.
Foster Care Community
100% Donations Used

We are so excited to work alongside Lifesong. Not only do they have such a God inspired and successful set of established programs for orphans and adoptive families, but they do so with a 100% “pledge for Orphans” guarantee. That means that when you donate through Lifesong.   All of their fundraising and administrative costs are already covered.

Carol Wynn

Carol Wynn

Carol is the founder of Eagles' Wings 2020. God has blessed her with the spiritual gift of encouragement. As an outgrowth of that the Lord led Carol to create this ministry and share her story of God’s faithfulness and providence. She invites others to do the same and continue to spread the joy and love that God provides.

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