It was Saturday after a busy week of ministry planning with Jacob B, our Creative Director.  We had enjoyed a couple fruitful Zoom calls and saw God’s touch and leading in finalizing the website.  

I felt a sense of gratefulness and peace as I prepared to attend a friend’s baby shower.  I “tucked away” my ministry plans and proceeded to the location of the gathering, which was the home of the expectant friend’s sister in law.

When I arrived early, I met the hostess and helped finish the set up.  Throughout the afternoon, God began to sprinkle little clues that she was also a believer.  The Lord whispered to me that I needed to chat with her about the new ministry.

Later on I had the opportunity to speak to her and boy was I blessed!  She shared that she was a believer but also a recovering addict that was saved 17 years ago and she had given up a baby for adoption at that same time.  As I stood there talking, I could feel goosebumps rising on my arms!  I briefly shared the basics of the new ministry.  She enthusiastically said she wants to help in this ministry in any way she can AND wants to share her adoption story on my new website.  Also, she has friends who have adopted and is sure they will want to share their story as well!

Bless His Holy Name!  I had no plans to discuss the ministry with anyone that day, but God had better plans.  In His beautiful tapestry of life, He placed in my path a fellow kingdom worker who will help fulfill His purposes and aid this ministry as it grows.  

Carol Wynn

Carol Wynn

Carol is the founder of Eagles' Wings 2020. God has blessed her with the spiritual gift of encouragement. As an outgrowth of that the Lord led Carol to create this ministry and share her story of God’s faithfulness and providence. She invites others to do the same and continue to spread the joy and love that God provides.

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